Salt Water 1 Lesson 4 Viewpoint

Lyns Salt Water 1 (6)


What is the viewpoint of the artist when they are finding their subject? 

This video can be paused, moved forward or back to view or review what you need. It shows the distant curve of the shoreline waves at the end of the beach. Lineal perspective flattens the curve and opens up lines as they come nearer. Sky is important as a reflective influence. Painting strokes move with the horizontal surface of the water, not the line of the waves.

This is a 50 minute demonstration that demonstrates what I want to share with you but I was a little disappointed with the clarity of the image. I hope it didn't spoil the concept. 

Rather than scrap it I have included another full painting of the same area. There is a small amount of similar thought at the beginning and then it moves to the next stage in concept that I would like you to be comfortable with.

We shift our observation from shape and form to position and relativity to our viewing point. As we shift our gaze a new set of observations become more important.

This group of video's complete the term. 

If your energy is still high you might like to paint along or simply sit back and observe. 

I do hope you do the study. It is the way to test what our brain thinks it knows.



The Cliffs are not the focus but an important backdrop that is reflected in the water below. This demonstration builds the jagged cliffs. 30 mins.


Below the Cliffs Final Part

The reflective still water below the cliffs at Torquay are disturbed by the incoming waves. 30 mins

Have you finished? When your painting is finished you have completed my first self-study course on Salt Water. I hope you enjoyed noticing and painting the different foundational concepts that I build my seascapes from. Once these are a part of your known observations you are ready to start building even more interesting variations that make the ocean such a wonderful subject. But remember a painting doesn't have to be complicated to make it marvelous. 

I would love to get a glimpse of your studies and any comments that you would like to send. I also hope that you find your own versions of similar ocean concepts.

Perhaps I will start to build a section to showcase some of your work. If you send an image with an OK to publish message I might start collecting.

Thanks for joining in and I hope you continue to enjoy your painting journey..

Cheers Lyn

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