Salt Water 1

Salt Water 1 

Shoreline Waves

Three types of waves will introduce you to the surf variations that we all experience on a day at the beach. Then we study a long shore wave from a different viewpoint.

When the core types are understood, you will be happy to move on to other wave variations. You will be confident to start the journey of painting the everchanging waves and shoreline.

Gentle Surf

Feel the rise and flow of a milder surf. Explore the different depths and break the foam. Explore the colours of sunlit surf.

Sidelight on the Wave

Learn how to harness the direction of light. You will see how the choice of warm or cool colours.

The Long Roll Wave and Possible Shoreline Surges

Focus on the wave and how to create the translucent roll. See how to vary the shoreline water flows.

A Highter Viewpoint

Learn how to catch the light and play the moving flow over the quiet reflective water.

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